Landline 📞


Okay!  So I am, of course, a member of GoodReads (those of you readers that don’t have it….Get It!) This application helps you to track goals, get in touch with other readers and be able to get reviews at your fingertips! I absolutely love this app & you will too if you love to read as much as I do!
Anyways! This application also has a section for best books of the previous year & the best fiction book of 2014 was rated as Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I decided to give it a shot.
!!Of course this review is totally of my opinion!!
I liked this book. I couldn’t say that I loved it or even felt like I couldn’t put it down. I got through it. Maybe after Eleanor & Park by the same author I was expecting more. While Eleanor & Park was more “young adult” I still felt more of a connection to the book.
Landline is about a working mother that was feeling the pangs of being successful while having a family and trying to juggle the balance of work, play, and even the possible resenting husband at being left at home while his wife is successful outside of the home. This book had a lot of great elements built within it. Intrigue, success, bitterness, odd love connection, possible love triangle, & even a little bit of magic! Hence the Landline!
I would not say that this book is a waste of time!! It was a fun read! It was a quick read. You don’t know if it will end up a happy story or a sad one until the end. Great writing style.
Would I have given it the BEST fiction book of 2014? Probably not, but I definitely have read some books that were nowhere close to being as good.
This book definitely would make someone evaluate the importance of family. Which is a reminder that I’m sure we can all benefit from getting.


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