The Unhoneymooners 🌴🍍🍹

Hey Miss Christina and Miss Lauren, you got me again! CLo Glow!

I love their style of writing and The Unhoneymooners did not disappoint. I haven’t always loved the Contemporary Romance genre but lately I have been reading it more and more. Mixing in my YA loves here and there but Christina Lauren has me wanting to devour every one they write!
The Unhoneymooners has it all. Intrigue, romance (obviously), anger, and even suspense! This story is about a set of identical twins that couldn’t be more different. One twin (Ami) is high on life, great career, ambitious, marrying the man she has been dating for three years and just an all around winner.
The other twin (Olive), not so lucky. I’m fact, she considers herself quite unlucky! In work, love, never wins anything, lost her job the same day she lost her roommate!
When Ami’s wedding turns out to poison everyone but two guests, what can Olive and Ethan (the brother of the groom) do but take the dream vacation to Maui that Ami won and that is nonrefundable! Ethan and Olive haven’t always been the best of friends, in fact, they barely tolerate each other. Makes for a fun trip!

Read it, 4⭐️s from me!

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