Finlay Donovan Knocks Em Dead | Book Review

✨ Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead ✨

Y’all – I just love this series. Finlay is back at it again with the communication flaws and mystery murders! We know that Finlay has SO much going on in her life to the point that she has the nanny she can’t afford move in full-time because … life is a mess. I think that is the most relatable thing about this story. Even when you think you have it all together, life happens! The constants are the love of family and friends and how you would kill for your children, or at least, get put in some seriously dangerous situations.

Now, the first book I gave 5 stars, this one, I give 4. Here’s why: (no spoilers) –

I love that Finlay and Vero have become so close that they are like family, however, there is some serious character development lacking in the way of Vero and her past/present! This leaves for a few “why don’t you know this, Fin” questions.

Also, I get the romance is a fun added piece as Finlay is a good woman that got super screwed over and deserves some fun. Just a tad harder to love the love in this one, but it does clear up where her head is at i’m that respect.

Can’t wait for everyone to read this one!

Thank you so much to @netgalley & @minotaur_books for the early copy!


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