Part of Your World | Book Review

Part of Your World
Pub Date April 19, 2022

I knew going into this book that I would >> like << it at the very least. I love the stories that Abby Jimenez weaves. She puts together love, betrayals, trying times, and intricate friendships and relationships in general, that you can't not feel like you are part of the family.

This book did not disappoint. I LOVED this story.

Being a Montgomery comes with a level of standards that would crush most people by the age of Kindergarten, let alone going to Ivy League colleges and 100% succeeding if not thriving. Alexis knows that her life was meant to impress and not just survive. She knows that in order to shine in her father's eyes, she needs to not only be SUPER successful, but also marry well, have only the BEST connections and friends, and anyone in her inner circle has to be equally impressive. When a decision made by her brother leaves her in a sticky situation, most of her room to make a choice for herself and her life gets taken away in an instant.

In a town two hours away, Daniel Grant has a different legacy to uphold. A Grant has been in the city for over 125 years. They are Mayors, they are philanthropists, they are dependable, they are carpenters, they are for the good of the "village". Daniel is morally pure and dependable and he is about to throw Alexis's world into total and utter chaos. They couldn't be more different, but the chemistry that they share is ridiculously HOT.

Is there any way that their worlds could be one? Will one of them have to choose to leave behind their century long familial legacy?

I can't rave enough. This book had it all for me and some.

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