Where the Drowned Girls Go | Book Review

✨ Where the Drowned Girls Go ✨
Publishing Jan 2022!

I realized after reading this book that it is the 7th installment in a series of Wayward Children, that may have helped me understand the world better if I had read the others.

That being said, this book is incredibly deep…not just because we follow a suicide attempt that took a girl down to the deepest trenches of the ocean, only to come out a mermaid on land. Yes, a wayward child that comes out a mermaid on land (with feet and legs) but is expected to go to a normal school? Just doesn’t work. Cora Miller needs to go to a special school, for other children that have died before & come out to tell the tale. That’s what this book is about.

It was a good, quick read that harbored many mentions of suicide, death, different worlds for those who died. If suicide is a trigger for you, this is not the book. Otherwise, it was a good YA read.

Thank you @netgalley & @torbooks for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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