Okay! So, if I may, I am an AVID reader! I am a book-aholic! I am a worm of all worms that need to feed off of the pages of a book. Get the picture yet? You can ask my family, friends, anyone that knows me!! about my love for books. My cousin said the earliest memory he has of me is with a book. I’d rather be alone with a good book than surround by a ton of people. 

A room without a book is like a body without a soul!

My Louis Vuitton is constantly bogged down with books. It is like a security blanket of sorts. I can’t go anywhere without a book. Even to work! I know I can’t just sit at my desk and read all day while at work, but I can’t leave my house without one. JUST in case I find myself at lunch or stuck out in the middle of nowhere by my broken down car (everyone knock on wood!) I need to make sure I have a book with me. 

&& I have to have a book! I have all kinds of technology, but there is nothing like having a physical book in your hands and turning the page. I love the feeling of turning the page, of the rubbing my thumb and forefinger together with paper in between them to make sure that I only have one page. 

It’s love. 

& so, I will post book reviews! Of course they are my own opinion. My own views & they may not always be great reviews! However, I LOVE reading so I would love to share the books I’m reading with you! 

Let me know if there is a book you recommend me to read! I always take suggestions!  



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