Book Review Time!! Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline 

This book did not let me down.  I started reading it because it was recommended to me by my good friend, the Goodreads app! Now if you are partial to scenes of history and a little fiction mixed together then you will love this book! It’s almost like the American Girl series books (yes, I read those books in my early years!) but BETTER! As an adult, I can relate more wholly to the premise and commiserate with the underlying issues. 

I have read many reviews on this book and some I’m surprised with and some I can see the point of view. 

My review is this: I loved that this book gave us a view of a piece of history that is not illuminated even in our American History courses growing up. It touches on a time when Americans were shipping orphans off to be used as indentured servants when they couldn’t find a home. How sad that the only way these children would get a home is if they were built for work, whether that be on the farm or as a seamstress, these children are put on a platform and picked like cattle. I read a review about how adoptive parents of previous orphan children are given a bad name in this book. I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as pointing out some realities in a different time. Realities such as abuse, malnourishment, and resentment. There were also good scenarios painted in the book as well. It gave us a look at the good, the bad, and the hideous! 

If you are the type to be overly analytical of each individual character, there are some characters that may not meet your fancy. If you read a book purely for the story, the painting of a different life, and an escape into a different time then this book will make you feel all different emotions through its quick pages! 

A quick yet powerful read! 

I recommend this book to you


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