BOOK REVIEW: Get a Life, Chloe Brown

Red Red Red. Chloe has got you seeing Red.

I loved it! Again, Romance is new to me here, so I’m still a little aghast when I’m 100 pages in and there are more than just “sultry” chapters. I’m not prude but man, there are some really graphic scenes to be read in this book.

That being said, I really liked it! I enjoyed the humor and the clippy, dry way that Chloe speaks, I appreciate her cynicism and how Red just can’t help himself from noticing that she may be dry but she is just wholly herself! Chloe is from nicer parts of town, never wanted for anything whereas Red, if you could imagine, is just the opposite.

Red is a lovely character, he is the bad boy redhead, who is tattooed and an artist. How could Chloe not swoon?! He breaks her out of her shell and gets her doing things she never thought she could!

Oh by the way, Chloe has Fibromyalgia! She has limitations and is so fearful but Red gets her seeing that with limitations she still has so many possibilities!



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