The Ex Hex | Book Review

The Ex Hex
by Erin Sterling – aka Rachel Hawkins!
Pub Date: September 28, 2021

Description: [From publisher] Erin Sterling casts a spell with a spine-tingling romance full of wishes, witches, and hexes gone wrong.

>> That description alone hooked me. <<

[From Store.Bought.Epiphany]

Vivienne (Vivi) is heartbroken over a romance that lasted all of three months! Logically, she deems it not worth the heartache, but her heart tells a different story. She is a teen witch with broken heart … what else is she to do but say a mix of words that could be curse, but a totally half-hearted one – doesn’t count.

Flash forward to nine years later and the terrible ex-boyfriend is back in town. He’s still as gorgeous as ever, still as swoon-worthy as ever, but … something may be off about his magical abilities and his luck. Maybe that Ex Hex was taken a little more seriously by the powers that be than Vivi thought. Can Vivi and Rhys (the magical heart breaker) fix what she may have broken over nine years ago and save her beloved town of Graves Glen?

This book is magical! A quick read – short chapters – fast-paced – and full of intrigue and romance. This book is Sophie Kinsella meets Alice Hoffman! Hocus Pocus meets Practical Magic! This book is a wonderful mix of light/airy quips and curses. If you’re a fan of magical worlds and love a funny dialogue – you will love this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and William Marrow for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!


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