Where the Drowned Girls Go | Book Review

✨ Where the Drowned Girls Go ✨Publishing Jan 2022! I realized after reading this book that it is the 7th installment in a series of Wayward Children, that may have helped me understand the world better if I had read the others. That being said, this book is incredibly deep…not just because we follow aContinue reading “Where the Drowned Girls Go | Book Review”

You’d Be Home Now | Book Review

You’d Be Home Nowby Kathleen GlasgowPub Date: September 28, 2021 First, content warnings are important here. There are major themes in this book and while they are heavy and uncomfortable, they are real. Content warnings – drug addiction, substance abuse, suicide, death, car accident, depression, trauma. I’m sure that’s not a complete list, but thoseContinue reading “You’d Be Home Now | Book Review”

Book Review – Anna K Away

What a sequel. A sequel is hard to imagine for the first book, Anna K, especially after a retelling of such a staple classic like Anna Karenina. Somehow, this sequel just worked. Anna K (book 1) started out all about doing what’s right, what’s prescribed for you, but finding a love that broke all theContinue reading “Book Review – Anna K Away”