Pretty Baby.


Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica 

      Okay, let me start by saying that I have already read “The Good Girl” also by Mary Kubica, and that one I was not so excited about. It took me a while to get through that one! In the end that book made sense. It had twists and turns that made me want to get through it, but Pretty Baby!! Oh wow! I love! I just could not WAIT to finish this one, but at the same time I didn’t want it to end! 

      In the beginning you can tell that this book is going to have many facets. There are many factors at play here. You have the career-obsessed husband, the wife that wants to fix the world, the spoiled, adolescent daughter, & finally you have the homeless teen that has a baby living in a train station! Doesn’t that get you right there?! Enticing

      Heidi, one of our main characters has lived a lot of life. In the beginning we think Heidi has it all! A loving husband, a daughter that is a “typical” adolescent, but whom Heidi adores, a job that she loves going to daily & a wonderful home. Chris, her husband, has the job that he has always wanted, something that makes lots of money! He seems to be distant from his home life because he travels a lot for work, but we realize that there is also temptation on the road! However, he loves his wife. Then we have Willow. The homeless teen carting around an infant while trying to survive on the streets. This character is a doozie!

     I typically don’t enjoy books that go from character to character, chapter to chapter…I don’t enjoy the back and forth, but for this book it works. It helps keep the suspense going throughout the book and really builds! This book has twists and turns that you don’t see coming! The suspense, the thrill, the anticipation continues to grow and you can’t just read one more chapter then put it down. I believe that I fell asleep with this book propped up against my husband numerous times before he finally put my bookmark between the pages and turned off my lamp! Bless him! 

     The ending leaves you with your questions answered, but your mind blown. The lives of these people are intertwined and capitulated by the sudden appearance of Willow and the baby and so many things uncoil as a result of their meeting. I recommend this book to those that love thrillers and suspense. Tell me about it once you read it! 


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