Reconstructing Amelia


Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight 

This book!!

  • Suspense
  • Grief
  • Love
  • Death
  • Mystery
  • Teenage politics
  • Forgiveness

    It just had a little bit of everything! From the first page I was intrigued! I wanted to find out what happened to fictional Amelia just as much as her fictional mother wanted the facts! This book begins at the end. We know very quickly that Amelia has died, a suicide as it was deemed, but then we must find out the truth! It’s an all out witch hunt which is awesome! Was Amelia the type of girl to kill herself? The intellectual, level-headed, mature, self sufficient, fifteen year old? Her mother, Kate, accepts it when the police say that’s the way it is, but when she receives an anonymous text from a blocked number that lets her know that there may be more to the story, Kate goes back to retrace, or “reconstruct” Amelia’s life to find the truth. 

      I loved the flow of the book. You get to peek into Amelia’s life as a teenager while she’s alive to try to figure out what lead to her death. You get to learn just as much about Kate’s life and commitments as a single mother trying to provide for her daughter, yet also wanting a successful career, not just a job. The struggle proves real! 

      Oh & lets NOT forget the Magpies! The secret club (much like a sorority) that Amelia gets involved in. She swore to her BFF that they would never join even if tapped, but she was just a little more curious than the cat. & you know what they say about the cat…could it be true for Amelia? Get it? Curiosity killed the cat! (: 

      This book ends in a bang! Through the whole book there are twists and turns & questions arise that have to be answered. The mystery unfolds in a brilliant manner and you just can’t put it down. The obsession is real. My love for books is so odd and unfathomable to most (even my family sometimes) but this one seemed to put me on the side of…is this too much? Answer: never! There are a great many Virginia Woolf quotes in this book, thanks to our Amelia and her love for books! The classic literaary suicide queen herself! How’s that for layering?! 


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