While We Were Dating | Book Review

First, thank you so much to @berkleypub & @netgalley for the digital Advanced Readers Copy of this book!


[Release date: July 13, 2021]

Second, Jasmine Guillory is a romance genius and this whole series was perfect. I love how they are intertwined ever so slightly, but we get to visit different members of the family in each book.

While We Were Dating is focused on Ben Stephens, the brother of Theo who dated Maddie in a previous book! In previous books we know Ben as the ALL TOO confident younger brother of the ultra-serious Theo. In this one, we get to know him on a different level! He finds himself working on a project for work that involves the famous actress, Anna Gardiner, and he finds himself making a connection with her that he didn’t expect.

I loved this book! I really appreciated that while we explore the romance between Ben & Anna, we also explore anxiety and how it can affect your everyday life, even when you’re able to work and out on that show, your mental health can still be a battle that only you can ask for help for and overcome.


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