Book Review – Anna K Away

Image of Anna K Away with Louis Vuitton crossbody and passport cover!

What a sequel.

A sequel is hard to imagine for the first book, Anna K, especially after a retelling of such a staple classic like Anna Karenina. Somehow, this sequel just worked.

Anna K (book 1) started out all about doing what’s right, what’s prescribed for you, but finding a love that broke all the rules and deciding what to do about that.

Anna K Away was now about what do you do when that love that was above all else you’ve ever known – gets taken away. You go through all the stages of grief in multiple ways in multiple lives converging in a spiral of emotions. All with the added luxury of having unlimited banks of money. The lifestyle of the rich is always fun to imagine and read about.

This is certainly a YA novel, so if you’re thinking this is a great love story for the ages…you’ll be disappointed. This is a YA novel that’s a sequel to a YA novel, with a hint of grown up classics. I loved it.


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